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Becky Christie

15 Norton Farm Rd
Freeport, ME 04032

Squawky the crow

Shiny Objects was inspired by my pet crow Squawky.  My dad rescued Squawky on a fishing trip and brought him to live at our summer camp in Vermont.  He stopped in every morning for a breakfast of dog food on our deck.  He truly loved shiny objects; one morning he flew off with one of my best marbles!

Feeding Squawky

An Artist First

Art has always been a part of my life. My Dad was a gifted painter.  My Mom taught me to sew and knit.  My sisters and brother all create art, each using a different media.  While I spent time in my high school and college art classes drawing and painting, my real love is crafts.  I love working with clay, making jewelry, sewing and knitting.  I have spent my life surrounding myself with beautiful hand crafted objects. 

My Day Job

My Art Room

I have been an art teacher for many years.  Teaching is a way to immerse yourself in art as well as share your passion with others. I have discovered new media in the search for new lessons to teach my students. This journey led me to glass and like all journeys will never end.

A Passion For Glass

It all began when I walked into a glass shop. The glass is so intoxicating; the colors are so vibrant, the textures so varied!  There is such a rich history in glass making from Tiffany to Chihuly.  And glass is such a versatile medium, there are always new techniques to try.



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